Introducing the Cody Pack -- A Compact, Versatile Day Pack

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Introducing the Cody Pack -- A Compact, Versatile Day Pack

I had an idea to build a pack that would mount on my panniers and double as both a large side pouch and a small day pack. Whenever I design a new product, I always keep simplicity in mind. It has been my experience that some of the best made outdoor gear is overbuilt, not over-designed.

When I finished the prototype I was satisfied that this pouch/day pack would stand up to anything the backcountry could throw at it. There was only one problem: what should I name it?

I have four children -- three sons and a daughter. All my kids are different and special in their own way. Of all my kids my third child, Cody, loves the outdoors and equines the most.

I started taking Cody into the outdoors when he was old enough to walk. Very early on it was apparent that he loved nature. His passion for everything wild at such an early age was heartwarming. For the past several years, July 4th weekend has been a special time for just the two of us to load up the pack animals and head into the backcountry for a few days.

Cody loves to camp, and he says it is, “very relaxing.” This is one of the reasons I try to take Cody with me into the backcountry every chance I get. He is a different kid when he is in the wilderness. Like an estimated 3.5 million others in the US, Cody suffers from autism.

You would be hard pressed to see any behavioral disorders when Cody is deep in the wilderness. Our pack trips have served to build lasting memories and have helped create a common bond between us.

In the summer of 2016, Cody and I were on a pack trip to scout out possible alternate camp sites for my upcoming elk hunt. I was also testing the new pouch/day pack I had designed. Cody wanted to hike so we left the donkeys at camp. I threw some snacks and water in the day pack and we followed a little creek downstream to do some scouting.

We were finishing up lunch and getting ready to head back when Cody asked if he could carry the new pack. He put it on and was hiking in front of me. I asked him to model it for me and I took a few pictures. Then it occurred to me: I will name this new design the “Cody Pack!”

When I told him I had decided to name it after him, his little face lit up.

It’s a simple little pack. No bells or whistles. I didn’t design it to pack out an elk or carry enough supplies for a week-long wilderness trip.

However, what it does, it does well. It is a great pouch and a perfect little day pack. And, best of all it reminds me of my special son who loves the simple things in life.

Cody is doing some further operational testing for me. He wears an orange Cody Pack to school every day. One way to test gear is to strap it on a 900 pound equine and let them bang it against trees and scrape it against rocks. However, a far better durability test is to fill it full of books and strap it on an 11 year old boy with autism. If it can handle that, it can handle anything!

To further honor my commitment to my son I have pledged to donate a portion of the sales to an autism charity in Cody’s name.

More on Our Newest Day Pack

The Cody Pack uses two straps and four side-release buckles, making it easy to remove. It can be used as a side pouch, worn as a standalone pack, or mounted on any tactical backpacks or other packs with a molle attachment.

The Cody Pack is currently $20 dollars off, so you can get it for $60 dollars ($80 value). It’s available in three colors: Coyote Brown, Multicam, and Blaze Orange.

If you want a versatile day pack that can be adapted for hiking, hunting with pack animals, and any other outdoor activity, the Cody Pack is for you!

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