Riding Saddles

I get asked all the time what riding saddle I recommend for donkeys. Hands down, Queen Valley Mule Ranch.  I own four Queen Valley Mule Ranch saddles.  I have ridden hundreds of miles in these saddles.  They are comfortable to ride and more importantly, they are comfortable for the donkey. The Trail Lite saddle is a great choice for a donkey because at only 18 pounds it saves a lot of weight. 

Will It Fit?

You want to know if a saddle is going to be a good fit which is why every Queen Valley Mule Ranch Saddle comes with a saddle fitting video to help you place your saddle, britchen, breast collar and cinches in the correct position. It’s free with each saddle.

Give Steve a call if you have any questions 602-999-6853 or send an email, steve@muleranch.com

Trail Lite Mule Saddle Details

  • Mule and donkey designed rigging plate.
  • High Quality durable imitation Fleece lined skirt.
    o    Why imitation lining?  Over 45 years of riding Steve has found the wool lining needs to be replaced every five years.  He’s discovered that the new imitation wool provides just as good wear time as wool itself.  Wool was originally used because cowboys never used any type of blanket under the saddle – wool was used as the saddle was placed directly on the animal.
  • Nylon front & rear tie straps.  (Cinches not included)
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Smooth, padded seat
  • The seat color is dark brown
  • 5-Year Warranty

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