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The highlight of owning pack animals is to take them into the wilderness, making it possible for a more fulfilling backcountry experience, whether it’s hunting, fishing or just camping out with family. I am constantly planning and thinking about my next trip. When spring comes and the snow begins to melt in the mountains, I can hardly wait to hit the trail. When the packing season nears its end, I am often planning trips back-to-back, never wasting a moment. Without fail, the last one of the season is bittersweet. It was my second hunting trip of the season. I had...

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Some people seem to have the ability to do a number of things and do them well. These folks are successful in their careers, relationships, hobbies, and seem to be happy and live meaningful lives. Would you consider these people lucky? Along those same lines, why are some sportsmen able to consistently harvest game? I have heard many people say that hunting is 10% skill and 90% luck. After all, you can’t catch fish if they aren’t biting and you can’t shoot an elk in the backcountry if you don’t see any. So when a hunter kills an animal or...

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