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Some people seem to have the ability to do a number of things and do them well. These folks are successful in their careers, relationships, hobbies, and seem to be happy and live meaningful lives. Would you consider these people lucky? Along those same lines, why are some sportsmen able to consistently harvest game? I have heard many people say that hunting is 10% skill and 90% luck. After all, you can’t catch fish if they aren’t biting and you can’t shoot an elk in the backcountry if you don’t see any. So when a hunter kills an animal or...

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Make no mistake, I’m a neophyte. I’m a total amateur when it comes to packing a string of burros (or any critter) into the backcountry of the Rockies. But it does call to me, it appeals to my sense of adventure and I look forward to finally escaping to the road-less areas far beyond the furthest trail-head where I can venture 10, 15…perhaps even 20 miles into a wilderness where few have hunted. I’ve done a fair bit of backpacking into the back country, sometimes solo other times with a trusted friend to help split the load and safely make...

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I prefer wilderness areas in the back country of Colorado to hunt, fish and spend quality time. That is because I enjoy the remoteness and lack of mechanized modes of travel. As I get up in years my old football injuries and years of treating my body like an amusement park are making it harder to carry a 60 pound pack for a week-long archery elk hunt. A few years ago I was heading down the trail, deep in the West Elk Wilderness. As I made the long trek back to the trail-head, several groups of folks on horseback passed me. I must have looked pretty pitiful with my big pack and carrying my bow because they would say, “you need a horse”. After the third person mentioned my need for a pack animal I began to get a little irritated. As I plodded along I decided the next person who stated the obvious was going to get some snarky remarks from yours truly. I stopped to take a water break and as I sat there on an aspen log wiping the sweat from my brow and rubbing my throbbing knee I began to realize they might have a point.

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