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Many skills are required to properly haul loads with equines. Knowledge of proper lashings and hitches seems to be a lost art. I've seen some crazy stuff when it comes to inexperienced people tying down loads. Whether it’s a box hitch, diamond hitch or squaw hitch, folks who regularly pack with broom tails will always have their favorite method. An old packer once commented about the controversy of which hitch is best: "If you get from the trailhead to camp without losing any packing gear or injuring humans or your animals, then you probably did something right." Although this has...

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Standard saddlebags are often too small, and when my gear is inside the pack, it’s often difficult to organize small items when I need them. Larger panniers are great if you’re going on a multi-day trip, but they provide a little too much room for day trips or short overnight trips.

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