On my soap box

On my soap box

If I’m planning a backcountry outing I try to utilize National Forest that is closed to off-road vehicles.  That’s because the sound and smell of an off-road vehicle such as an ATV has been proven to cause animals, like elk and deer, to abandon an area completely and head for inaccessible areas such as private land or wilderness areas.  Although there are several factors at play such as terrain and forage, most animals will avoid roads for a distance of at least 2 miles.

Burros are great for what I do. I can get into the wilderness without disturbing the wildlife and make a minimum impact to the environment. I can access places a wheeled vehicle cannot go, both because of terrain and because ATVs are not permitted in many parts of National Forests. I started referring to my burros as “Original ATVs” because they have been taking pioneers, prospectors, hunters and sportsmen into the wilderness long before modern methods.

I always get a kick out of the reaction of some of the people I pass on the trail, especially someone carrying a heavy pack deep in a wilderness area. They see the burros and say things like, “that’s a great idea” or “how much can they carry?” I pause and take a few minutes to explain the capabilities of the little burro. It can take a bit longer to get where I am going on busy trails but I don’t mind. I enjoy educating people and promoting my long-eared travel companions. That’s one of the reasons I started this blog, so that I could inform more folks about my Original ATVs.


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