Hunting Panniers

A knowledge of military backpack design and tried and true cowboy ingenuity went into creating innovative gear that exceeds the needs of anyone. Whether it be an afternoon trail ride or a week-long trek into the backcountry, our American made gear is built to outperform your expectations.

What is a Hunting Pannier?

A hunting pannier is the bag that attaches to either the riding saddle or the pack saddle of a pack animal to help you carry gear through the backcountry. It’s designed to carry items for a hunting or camping trip that can be used during your outdoor adventures.

Why Choose Mountain Ridge Gear?

Mountain Ridge Gear has the perfect donkey, horse, or mule pack panniers for any backcountry excursion. All of our mountain hunting gear is made in the USA and handcrafted with a customizable design.

Our high quality pack mule equipment is perfect, no matter what size equine you’re using. They’re easily attachable pack saddle panniers that are built to help lighten your load. Because they’re lightweight, that means you can carry more, plus they are designed to fit on a riding saddle, sawbuck, or decker without issues. They’re also large enough to carry anything you need including tools, a medical kit, food, extra rope, or other essential items that need to be kept safe and dry.

What Are My Options?

If you’re looking for a hunting pannier that will last, choose from some of the highest quality saddle panniers below.