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Mini Donkey Saddle

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Created by Eric Lynn and designed specifically for mini donkeys, these systems are built to fit donkeys smaller than 42" at the shoulder. The sawbucks are built to fit a properly conditioned donkey's back.  

These sawbucks have a 12" bar.

These pack systems are not simply built to look like real pack saddles, they are designed to the same rugged standards as the full size donkey and mule systems.  Built tough and designed to last.  

Constructed with a revolutionary product called BioThane®BioThane® is more durable, cleanable, stronger and easier to maintain than leather, plus it is flexible, yet doesn't stretch, and is waterproof. Most importantly, it wears great against an equine's body.

3/4″ webbing has a 750 pound per inch breaking strength.

2″ webbing has a 2000 pound per inch breaking strength.

You may need to punch a few holes in the straps to get the best adjustment.  


Always call if you have any questions or concerns adjusting your pack saddle.  

Pack pad and cinches are not included and are sold separatly.