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Mini Donkey Saddle

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Eric Lynn formulated these systems just for mini donkeys, scaling to fit donkeys shorter than 42" at the shoulder. Ensuring your donkey is properly conditioned aids the sawbuck in fully fitting the mini donkey's back.

These sawbucks have a 12" bar.

These pack systems are crafted with the same uncompromising strength and rigor as their full-size equivalents, promising durability and resilience for the toughest trails and journeys. Ready to take on your next big adventure!

Revolutionize your ride with the new Mini Donkey Saddle, crafted with BioThane®. This revolutionary product is sturdier, simpler to upkeep, and a breeze to clean compared to leather, while being flexible, waterproof, and a perfect fit for equine comfort. 

3/4″ webbing has a 750 pound per inch breaking strength.

2″ webbing has a 2000 pound per inch breaking strength.

You may need to punch a few holes in the straps to get the best adjustment.  



These are great for burro racing, beverage burro or wedding gigs.


PLEASE NOTE: All orders are prioritized based on when the order was placed.  Based on our workload, there may be additional time required before shipment.  If you need your items by a specific date please contact us before you place your order.

Always call if you have any questions or concerns adjusting your pack saddle.  

Pack pad and cinches are not included and are sold separatly.