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Ensure your equine's safety and night vision by using a red or green light while packing or riding in the dark. Avoid shining any light into your animal's eyes.


The MYCRO is a 400 lumen LED headlamp, designed for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, riding equines, and fishing. It offers 6 light modes, including a powerful turbo mode for increased brightness. The headlamp is also IPX4 water resistant, ensuring it can withstand splashes from any direction and making it suitable for use in wet environments like rain or snow. With a run time of up to 3 hours, the MYCRO 400 is perfect for extended outdoor adventures. Additionally, it features a convenient turbo mode that provides 30-second bursts of intense light. This headlamp is also lightweight and comfortable, with an adjustable head strap and a cap clip for added versatility.