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Cooler - Waterproof Soft-Side

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Finally!  A cooler that fits perfectly in the XL Hunting Panniers!

Designed for durability in even the harshest outdoor conditions, this cooler is the trusted companion for any adventure. Easily access your chilled items with the hassle-free opening, while the fully insulated design guarantees exceptional ice retention in even the hottest temperatures. Crafted from premium materials that are both food-safe and odor-resistant, this cooler excels in both functionality and reliability.

Size: 27" long x 15" tall x 12" wide

Empty Weight: 5 lbs 14 oz

Full disclosure: these coolers are not manufactured in the US.  While we strive to offer items manufactured in the USA, in this case we determined its a good, well made product, a good company and a good fit in our panniers so we are choosing to carry them.