Pack Lite - Ridge Walker Pannier (Set of two)

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Price is per set of two

Size: 16" x 15" x 8" (1920 cu inches per side)

Weight: 2 pound 7 ounces per set

Lightweight yet extremely durable, these panniers were designed for pack burro racers.  They have two external pockets that accommodate a water bottle or snack.   There is a tab on the bottom to tie the panniers down.  Versatile: they will also fit over a riding saddle by connecting the pannier straps together.

Colorado's Summer Heritage sport is Pack Burro Racing 

These panniers are also perfect for hikes with your donkey, goat or llama.  They are great for carrying a picnic lunch for a day trip with your trail companions.  If you use goats these panniers are a perfect, economical way to outfit multiple animals.  

Ridge Walkers (Burro racers) are also the perfect size for mini donkeys.