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Party Panniers - Wooden (Set of 2)

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Perfect for weddings or beverage burro gigs. 

Size: 13"wide x 11"long x 9" deep

Material: White Pine (unfinished).  The panniers look great as is or you can stain them the color of your choice.

Weight: 6.2 pounds each (approximately 12.4 pounds total per set)

There are 30" adjustable straps for attaching the panniers to the pack saddle.  This allows for plenty of adjustment to make sure the panniers are level.  

Comes installed with restaurant style plastic inserts.

Each pannier will hold approximately 9 beverages per side. 

These work great on both standard and mini sized pack saddles.

Important! Be sure the rear buckle stays tight.  A tight strap will aid in the structural integrity of the panniers.