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Pack Saddle - Sawbuck

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Demand is through the roof, which means it may take 10-14 working days to get your saddle shipped. 

Created by Eric Lynn and designed specifically for mules and donkeys.

Standard Donkey Saddle: these systems (18" bars) are built to fit donkeys and burros from approximately 45" standards up to about a 13 hand mammoth donkey.  

Mammoths Donkeys over 13 hands should use the 21" saddle (21" bar). 

The tack is constructed with a revolutionary product called BioThane®BioThane® is more durable, cleanable, stronger and easier to maintain than leather, plus it is flexible, yet doesn't stretch, and is waterproof. Most importantly, it wears great against an equine's body.

Saddles weigh approximately 18 pounds without cinches.

3/4″ webbing has a 750 pound per inch breaking strength.

2″ webbing has a 2000 pound per inch breaking strength.


Mini Donkey/Mule (12" Bar) = Below 40" at the shoulder

Small Standard Donkey (18" Bar)= 40" - 45" (approx) at the shoulder


Standard Donkey (18" Bar) = 46" - 13 hands (approx) at the shoulder

Mammoth Donkey (21" Bar)= 13 hands and up at the shoulder

Mule = Fits for most animals between 700-1400 pounds.  For comparison,  the mule in the picture is 15.1 hands.

Horse =  


Fits for most horses between 14-16 hands, 900-1500 pounds.

Choosing Cinches:

Small Standards normally require a 22" front/24" rear

Standard Donkeys normally require a 24" front/26" rear

Mammoths can vary but most require a 26" front/28" rear.  Big mammoths may need a 28" front/30" rear

Note: You may need to punch a few holes in the straps to get the best adjustment.  


All orders are prioritized based on when the order was placed.  Based on our workload, there may be additional time required before shipment.  If you need your items by a specific date please contact us before you place your order.

Always call if you have any questions or concerns adjusting your pack saddle.  

RIDING SADDLES: If you are looking for riding saddles for donkeys or mules check out Queen Valley Mule Ranch.

Pack pad and cinches are not included and are sold separately.