Saddle Bags

Whether you're a day tripper or a backcountry equine enthusiast, Mountain Ridge Gear's saddle bags are some of the best equine gear around. Made with sturdy 1000D Cordura fabric, these American made saddle bags are not only constructed in America, but also made with 100% American made materials.

What is a Saddle Bag?

A saddle bag is a smaller carrying pouch that attaches behind the saddle. It can hold items for easy access while you’re in the backcountry including snacks, water, your lunch, rain gear or other important items. Because they are so lightweight and easy to access, you can quickly attach and unattach them from the saddle.

Why Choose Mountain Ridge Gear?

Mountain Ridge Gear offers the best saddle bag in the nation. Our American made saddle bags are hand-sewn in our manufacturing facility in Colorado. Each bag is made to order and comes in a variety of colors. 

With 1362 cubic inches of carry capacity, every MRG saddle bag is the perfect piece of trail riding gear for whatever you've got planned. Plus, they’re completely waterproof and easy to remove from the equine when needed. We offer donkey, mule, and horse saddle bags that come well equipped, no matter what breed of equine you use.

What Are My Options?

Choose from some of the best western saddle bags below to add to your donkey, horse and mule packing equipment.