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Pack Pads - Donkey

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Size:  30" x 34"

Designed for small mules and standard donkeys

For mammoth donkeys and mules check out our full size pack pads.

  • Tacky-Tack is designed to prevent saddle movement
  • Anti Microbial
  • Non-Absorbent
  • Eliminates Odor
  • Ventilated
  • Tough and Durable
  • Does not collect hair or debris like wool pads
  • American Made

More than one inch thick of double layered felt with an additional 1/2" of padding at the bars.

These pads were specifically designed by Eric Lynn based on the unique needs of straight backed equines like small mules and donkeys.  These pads have extra padding along the bars and with no contour along the back they are a perfect fit for mules and donkeys.  They are perfectly sized and are ideal for both pack burros and saddle donkeys, saddle and pack mules. These pads are 30" wide, built to fit the shorter back of a mules and donkeys and 34" long so they cover the ribs without excess pad length.

Burro / Mule Pack Pads come in a variety of SW colors.